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Gypsy Cove Shuttle

A shuttle mini-bus operates between the Jetty Visitors Centre, where you step ashore, and Gypsy Cove, a National Nature Reserve and home to the nearest penguin colony to our capital city.

At Gypsy Cove you will see Magellanic penguins and several species of shorebird in their natural habitat.

If you're a wildlife enthusiast, this is an excellent opportunity to view the impressive birdlife the Falkland Islands has to offer. See Dark-faced Ground Tyrants, Magellanic penguins in their natural breeding habitat, Upland Geese, Long-tailed Meadowlarks, Black-crowned Night Herons, Rock Cormorants, Falklands Thrush, Flightless Steamer Ducks and many other species.

Enjoy spectacular views of Stanley and surrounding mountains, all just a short ride from your landing site.

Look for the Penguin Travel representative selling tickets or click the button below.